Enter the Warzone

Dirty South Bats is a USA manufacturer in Georgia making baseball and fastpitch bats.

We make a composite 2 5/8 big barrel bat for elite travel ball baseball players and a composite 2 ¼ fastpitch bat. Elite constitutes the best players out there now coupled with players who are working hard trying to become the best version of themselves on the field. How Dirty South helps our elite players is to provide the most pop for a composite bat that is allowable within the rule structures. We do not contract out any part of our design, testing, fabrication or manufacturing of our bat. It is all done to our specs and conformity in Barrow County, Georgia and not in a foreign country. This ensures the most reliable and highest-performing bat to our customer.

But is our bat really different? Yes it is. Just listen to the sound of the ball coming off the bat. It has no equal. This is because we take a different approach in the design, architecture and materials used in the bat. Don’t take our word for it. Demo one of our bats and see for yourself. Use Them or Lose to Them.


W.A.R. vs SWAG On The Field

Both models have the same pop and compression.

If you are looking at a sized bat that is 30/20 or lower then we would recommend the Swag over the War as there is more sweetspot/barrel size in the Swag.  It could 1 to 2 more inches more.

The War will be balanced but a tad of end-load while the Swag will be more balanced.

If you are 31/21 and over (except drop 12) then you are really not gaining any difference other than the end-load.




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