DSB knows that it can be tough for parents to spend $350 on a bat without

seeing it themselves.   You have read all the great reviews and the word of

mouth praise, but what if they do not like it?


So for the cost of shipping both ways we have a demo program on most bats

where you can try out the bat for one week.  We do require a credit card and

copy of a driver's license to secure the bat.


Here are the highlights:

- You will have about 5 days to use the bat.  We allow a 14 day period from date of shipping to date of return.

- Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

- You agree that you will be charged the retail price of the bat if the

above is not met.  If this should happen we do not charge your card without

speaking with you;

- We currently have demos on the War, Swag, 2-piece Swag, and Lady Swag (fastpitch).

- We prefer that you demo just one bat, but understand there can be times

when you need to decide between 2 different sizes or models;

- We do allow team demos which requires a further conversation with us;

- We strongly encourage demoing our bat on the field to see its true

advantage when it comes to distance on the ball;

- Download the PDF below to your desktop and fill it out. You may conveniently place images on the PDF for your license and credit card by using Adobe Acrobat. Editing the PDF and adding images is convenient with the "tools" options in "Adobe Acrobat." Once you have filled out your form and uploaded your images to it, you may email it to us at info@dirtysouthbats.com.

-Please feel free to use a password on your pdf while sending us your password in a separate email.

-We take your confidential information very seriously, so all data that we collect is shredded and scrubbed after the return of the bat. We have sent out hundreds of demos with this process, so rest assured that all of your information is safeguarded and not stored anywhere, where it can be hacked or compromised.

Download Our Demo Program PDF


Use Them, Or Lose To Them™


Thanks for being a member of the Dirty South Bats family.

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