Effective January 1, 2018 all recreation baseball organizations will be moving to a new USA certified bat. Travel ball and USSSA will stay the same with no changes. This USA bat will perform considerably different than the 1.15BPF bats. The intent of the USA bat is to perform just like a wood bat; therefore, the pop or trampoline of the bat will be greatly reduced. As an example, a normal 10 yr old kid will lose about 50’ in distance when compared to existing bats. Also the ball will come-off the bat much slower than existing bats. A question we get a lot is can I send my existing bat in and get the USA stamp. Unfortunately no as the bats are completely different. DSB currently has its model in for testing and we hope if everything goes according to plan then we can have our bat out by Mid November. Our initial pricing for existing DSB customers will be $249. We understand that this change in certification will require a lot of our existing customers to purchase a new bat and most likely have to carry 2 bats in their bag, one for rec ball and one for travel. We understand this financial hardship so we will do everything we can to reduce our pricing in helping our customers out. Although this lower price will come at a financial cost to DSB we want to do everything we can to help our existing customers. We want you as a customer for life and not just for one bat sale.

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