Bat Specs
SWAG 30/18

My son woho plays for New Mexico School of Baseball (NMSB) hit his 1st and 2nd home run(s) in his 11U club game on Mother's Day, three days after receiving his new 2018 DSB SWAG size 30, 18 ounce, drop 12 model. HIGHLY recommend this bat!

Roland Higgins
Talisheek LA

Bat Specs
WAR 28 in 18 oz Drop 10

2016/11/17 Our son made the 8u Allstar team so we decided to get him a new bat.. After researching we decided on the WAR.. Its balance and pop was noticeable from the beginning.. His hitting continues to get better and you really notice the speed of the ball coming off of the bat.. We will definitely be buying another Dirty South bat.

Katie and Will

Bat Specs
SWAG 30 in 20 oz Drop 10

2016/11/17 My son did a science fair experiment this month on which of his bats scientifically would allow him to hit the furthest – thought you’d love to know his Dirty South bad won by over 15 feet!   This will definitely be his bat of choice now, thanks for being a great supplier. My son is one proud kid of not only his first homerun with the Dirty South but also a great experiment – thank you! Katie


Ryan Czyz
York SC

Bat Specs
30in drop10 Texas Big

2016/11/02  After talking to Tony@DSB, we got one of the new Texas Big bats. It took a bit to get used to the sound and feel of the bat as this was a bigger bat than he had previously. After some work, he has really been ripping the ball. My son isn't a power hitter, but he is hitting some shots to the fence and is giving opposing teams fits with how hot the ball comes off the bat. I may try one that is a little heavier in the spring as he gets a bit bigger and stronger. The folks at DSB are great to deal with!


Bat Specs
WAR, SWAG, TEXAS BIG, 28in drop10

2016/07/25  My son has used all three bats and they are great. On fire right out of the wrapper! No need to break them in. Every kid on the team wants to use the bats and other teams are jealous. Don't waste time with the Mako, Combat, etc....he has used them all and only swings DSB.

James Walsh
Taft Ca.

Bat Specs
WAR 28in drop10

2016/07/22 After meeting the DSB folks in West Covina I was sold on an American made bat and the people that were making them. We purchased the WAR Bat. My intentions were to get my 8 yr. old the SWAG, but after doing some research we went with the more conventional Barrell. Last night he hit his first homerun. I have been very impressed. Thank you DSB.


Yazoo City MS

Bat Specs
SWAG 30in drop12

2016/06/10  Well, I was a little disappointed when the new bat cracks after the first pitch... Yes it did! I called the DSB support and they sent me a new bat! All products can have defects. Not all products are supported as well as DSB! The new bat arrived as expected and has preformed better that I ever expected. I realize the Easton Mako and S1 don't compare to the SWAG as far as construction and type. My son has had both of those Easton bats in the past 2 years. While using those Easton bats, he had a hitting slump for a year and a half... Were the bats the cause for his slump? He will say YES! He loves the SWAG and will tell you.... there's only one bat for him... SWAG! He loves it!

Kurt Bonetti
Uxbridge Ma.

Bat Specs
WAR 31in Drop10

2016/06/04  Great Bat, awesome paint job, all the kids on the team were asking to use it. My son's first at bat with his new WAR bat, he hit for a double with 2 RBI's. Accurate weight unlike some of the other big name brands and made in America is a big plus!

Bo Rogers

Bat Specs
SWAG 32/22

2016/05/01  We used the WAR last year and just recently bought the SWAG. Folks they could paint this bat flat brown and it would still be the HOTTEST bat going in their class. Yes the colors look good but it's what's under the paint that makes it a top of the line product. We have used them all and none compare to it.

Houston TX

Bat Specs

2016/04/22  My son wanted this bat so bad and it came in just in time for the weekend tourney in Houston...this bat made a lot of believers! Hit a home run ! He was excited well worth the purchase and made a new customer happy thanks DSB!

Clint Witham‎

Bat Specs

2016/04/15  Ordered one of y'all bats for my son !! Got it in today and all i can say is freaking awesome we love it!! Best bat we have ever used and would highly recommend these bats to everyone !! Great customer service and all around great company and wonderful bat! THANKS DSB!

Zach White
Winder GA

Bat Specs
WAR 27/17

2016/04/15  Hitting bombs!!! Best bat on the market by far!!!

Kristi Clark

Bat Specs

2016/04/10  Our Travel Ball team won our Championship Tournament this week .... Let's just say those Dirty a South bats on our team were on fire!

Coach Chris
Lafayette LA

Bat Specs

2016/04/01  Received our Dirty South Bat in Tuesday my son hit last night with and absolutely loves it. Thanks for a great product. Love the pop A+ all the way.

Israel Munoz

Bat Specs
WAR 29/19

2016/03/22  The bat is amazin , wish I would have known about this company sooner. My boy loves his DSB and so do his coaches !

AD Navarro

Bat Specs
WAR 30/18

2016/03/10  Was a bit skeptical. Bought my son one last yr at the end of his select season. First tournament went 8-9 with it. My son was a decent hitter. Always infield hits but would get on with his speed. He was hitting doubles and even a hit a triple one at bat. The bat speaks for it's self. I'd buy another one when the time comes for a new one

Sean Mulcahy
Austin TX

Bat Specs
WAR/SWAG 30in drop10

2016/03/02  We got the War bat for my son last fall, and picked up the Swag this spring. Both bats are awesome! The people at DSB are great to work with....they personally called me to answer all my questions (rare). I am very impressed with this company and their products. You can look....but you won't find a better bat.

Bo Rogers

Bat Specs

2016/03/01  Whitt Rogers had a great weekend grand slam home run, 3 run home run, 4 doubles and 4 singles. Thanks for a great product. Dirty south bats are a top notch product. When are the new bats coming out?

Bryan C
Locust Grove GA

Bat Specs
Swag 29in drop10

2016/02/28  In the past 2 weeks my son has placed 2nd in the homerun derby and hit 3 singles, 2 triples and a hr in our last tourney. Everyone on our team is asking for one. I have always supported local business and I an glad I chose Dirty South!!

Shawn Luft
Boca Raton FL

Bat Specs
WAR 28/10

2016/01/04  My son loves his DSB War bat. Even when he missing "his pitch" the ball flies off the bat. And when get hit the big sweet spot - its gone! 10U travel player on one of Florida's Best teams!

Zephyrhills FL

Bat Specs
WAR 28/12

2015/10/11 I think this bat is awesome

Pelion SC

Bat Specs
WAR 28/10

2015/09/17  My 9 year old has been using a MAKO for the past two travel ball seasons but the ball never really jumped off it like we were hoping for. I got him the Dirty South W.A.R and I tell you what it is hot right out of the box. We went to hit with it the night we got it and he was crushing the ball like never before. At his first practice he was hitting the fence and all the kids tried it so now 3 other players have ordered them. If you are looking for a hot bat this is it!! We will never buy another brand as long as there is Dirty South.


Bat Specs

2015/09/03  My son bought his own Dirty South Bat and absolutely LOVES it. He hits the ball so much better and farther using his " Baby " as he calls it. He doesnt want to use anything else.


Bat Specs
WAR 29/19

2015/09/02 My son is a 10 year old on a travel baseball team and tested the bat at a BY tournament in Vero beach FL and a few months later bought he bought his own war bat using is own allowance and birthday money. This is the best bat I haven seen and people fear him more now that he has this bat. There are about 3 videos of him hitting in the dirty south facebook page go look and judge for yourself.

Chris Blackwell

Bat Specs

2015/07/16  Man bought my son a 27/17 yesterday!! Man this is super hot BAT, we are a 6U team and they was hitting them to the fence!!!

Lee Clark

Bat Specs
WAR 29/19

2015/07/13  My 8 year old cleared 187 feet out of the park home run using his 29 inch Dirty South this weekend! An amazing 3 out of the park home runs this weekend!

H-Town TX

Bat Specs
SWAG 31/8

2015/06/23  My son plays 11u Premier for another bat manufacturer team and he is only allowed to hit their bats while playing for their team. We recently purchased a SWAG (31 in. Drop 5) for him to swing while playing for his middle school team. The SWAG has quickly become my sons favorite bat. Even the boys on his 11u team are wanting to hit his DSB SWAG.....Great bat!!!!

Pete McLaughlin
Summerville GA

Bat Specs
WAR 30/12

2015/06/08  I purchased the bat for my son for Christmas so because he hasn't used it yet I can't write a review on it. I did want to provide some feedback on the serivce I received. I ordered the wrong size bat, emailed the customer service department after I received it and within minutes Samantha from Dirty South called me back. She took care of me, I sent the wrong bat back and got a new one within 3 days. She was very friendly and helpful. I'm confindent that if the bat is anything like the service my son is going to be a very happy baseball player! Thank you Samantha for excellent service.

Tank Baez
Port St. Lucie FL

Bat Specs
WAR 29/10

2015/05/13  this bat is nice and balanced. I just got it about a month ago and I love it. the pop is amazing and I hit 1 home run and a double today in my game. you should definitely buy this bat because it is worth the price!!

Eric Keeler
Jensen Beach FL

Bat Specs
WAR 32/10

2015/03/21  First I have to tell you how great there customer service is. I bought my son (11 years old) the 30/18 at a tournament in Vero Beach, FL. (he liked it) Than we demoed a 30/20 that he loved. (yes Dirty South allows you to swing any bat you want for a complete tournament, and they even have a 15 day money back guarantee I don't see the "BIG" companies doing that) So the following week we decided to get him a 30/20, Dirty South allowed me to just exchange it at the tournament, so I didn't have to return it and wait for them to send a bat back to me. When I got home I realized the grip has a rip in so I called them and spoke with Samantha she said I remember speaking with you, your the guy who wanted to exchange your sons bat. (wow customer service who cares) So back to the grip she said no problem and sent me out a new grip no questions asked. Now to that bat right out of the box the bat was HOT huge sweet spot, balls even popped off the end of the barrel. No gimmicks or hype like other companies. My son hit over 500 in 8 games, even his outs were hard hit balls. This is one of the first bats I've seen game ready (no 100-200 swings to "break it in"). If your looking for a great bat, or a great company to deal with look no further DIRTY SOUTH is the only bat you need to look at.

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